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Syrah: The next big thing?

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Decanter's numbers - An Austrian drama?

The fact that Decanter, the British wine magazin, seems to be in trouble, whenever it comes to writing about numbers and statistics, is nothing really surprising as we have demonstated in the past, and there wouldn't even have been any reason for again talking about this phenomenon if it had not concerned a subject which we have repeatedly dealt with in recent months: the Austrian wine statistics. "Austria faces huge quantity drop after devastating conditions earlier this year" was the headline of an article, which we yesterday found on, and in which "the world's best wine magazine", as they use to call themselves in a long lasting attack of typical British understatement, refers to the current harvest estimations of Austria's wine and statistics bodies.

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Austria's whites 2012

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Austrian export drama continues

"Austria withdraws from the cheap market segment", was the title of the official answer, which the Austrian Wine Marketing dedicated, some weeks ago, to the critical reports in which Mario Scheuermann and myself had examinated, for nearly a year, the Austrian export statistics. At this moment, given the latest numbers, it looks like if Austria was, unvoluntarily perhaps, not only withdrawing from the cheap market segment but from the German market altogether.

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Quo vadis, Austria?

Austria's wine exports - a success story? This, at least, is what the Austrian Wine Marketing Board tried to communicate to national and international media at the end of last year. Notwithstanding a very low harvest in 2010 and thus lower export quantities in 2011 (-25 %), Austrian wine exporters, so the official press release, had been able to increase their turnover by 2.6 % to a record breaking 126 m Euros. And the national and international press applauded.

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Grüner Veltliner: 50 years old but not the least bit tired

Only red wines can age, whites must be drunken in the first or second year after the vintage? Luckily, this prejudice ist to be heard less and less often. Nevertheless even wine geeks and pros often look at me in utter astonishment when I tell them that I am right now finishing my (dry) whites of the 1980ies - at the same time as the reds from that decade. Yet, what I was able to experience with some old wines of Austrian Geyerhof, astonished even me.

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Wachau: The end of exclusivity?

In a spectacular decision, a judge of the Austrian wine capital o Krems, has quashed a mandatory injunction of the Wachau vintner's association Vinea Wachau, to which belongs the majority of producers of this famous wine-growing area, against one of its former members.

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奥地利: 红葡萄酒


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Austria - red wines

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Austria: Spectacular white wines

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